Employer Identification Number (EIN) For IRAs

Let us assist you with establishing a unique EIN for your self-directed IRA to meet situational needs that may arise within your investment journey.


Equity Doc Prep can assist you with creating a unique EIN for your IRA

As a standard practice, your custodian supplies the custodial EIN upon setup of a new IRA. This EIN is sufficient for all investment types except those that report UBTI (Unrelated Business Taxable Income). 

Why would my IRA need a unique EIN?

1. The IRS requires a unique EIN to report the presence of UBTI. You must obtain a separate EIN to file IRS Form 990T. 

The following investment types may generate UBTI: 
  1. Debt-financed property purchased within an IRA
  2. Leveraging assets within an IRA
  3. Investments into LLCs or LPs that operate a business

2. Investments into funds (LLC or LP) that report UBTI now necessitate a unique EIN, regardless of whether you file a 990-T. 

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What you need to know:

How do I know if the fund I invested in reports UBTI?

You can find reported UBTI by looking at your K1 partnership return. If Box 20 contains code “V,” UBTI has been reported. Also, if your K1 has positive amounts in Box 1 and Box 2, and Box 10 shows liabilities, UBTI may have been reported and it’s important to contact your tax advisor. 

What is the process to set up a unique EIN for my IRA?

Engage Equity Doc Prep to assist you with setting up a separate EIN to supply to your investment sponsor(s) and tax preparers.

What is a 990-T?

IRA Form 990-T is the tax form IRAs file to report UBTI to the IRS. 

Can Equity help with 990-T preparation? 

Yes, if you need help with preparing your 990-T, or filing an extension to determine whether UBTI was reported for your IRA, please contact (Link) 

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