Annual Reports

Stay informed, compliant, and on time with your filing requirements

What's included in the annual report?

1. Financial Statements

2. Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A)

3. Auditor’s Report

4. Notes to Financial Statements

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Why file an annual report?

Legally Required

All public companies, regardless of entity type, require that you file according to the rules enacted by the state you were incorporated in.

Provides Insight

It offers a comprehensive overview of the company’s recent financial and operational activities for shareholders, potential investors, and other stakeholders.

Avoid Penalty

If you do not file the required documentation, possible consequences are late fees, dissolution of the entity, and dissolution of the limited liability business structure.

Equity Doc Prep is here to help with all of your filing needs. We prepare and file in all 50 states, allowing your business ease of mind and saving time. 


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